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Personalize browsing experience without the overhead of combining different extensions.


Monitor, Modify and Automate

Take it easy - Make it automatic!

data-monitorQuickly respond to data changes

With auto-reloader, tab will always be up-to-date whenever you need it, any changes occur on monitored data will be collected and notified immediately. Quick View feature enables you to view the monitored data from any tabs, together with Data Manipulation, you can quickly grasp the situation and data insights.
...Efficient multitasking can be easily achieved with PageUpgrader extension.

interface-modifyView the page the way you like

Focusing on essential parts of the page by removing unnecessary elements or re-arrange elements to a more suitable position. Changing font size or color of important buttons, main text boxes,... will help you find and interact with them easier. Additional information, similar data, or rarely used elements can be grouped into an interactive widget to save space but still can be display when needed.

add-functionalityKeep it simple, make it effective

More productive with ready-to-use and one-click action buttons to trigger an action or a combination of actions which usually requires multiple steps like selecting, clicking, inputting,... Along with dynamic actions when selecting text and hot keys binding, fewer steps are needed to achieve the desired result. Don't bother yourself with repetitive actions and trivial tasks, let the extension does that with monitor, scheduler and auto-trigger features.
... And a lot more for your imagination.

privacy-securityPrivacy and security

Only allowed actions can be executed, only permitted sites can be processed with two layers of protection: browser and extension. All processes will be performed directly on your computer, your data remains on your machine.
By using Remote Configurations instead of Remote Scripts, all of the extension's code will be thoroughly checked by Browsers' App Store before distribution.


How do we work

You request - and we will answer!


User creates a request together with necessary data: targeted site(s), desired action(s), captured data, screenshots,...


Provided data will be analyzed, all requirements will be considered. Necessary scripts and configurations will be created to fulfill user's request.


Appropriate scripts and configurations will be transferred to the extension to be executed when needed.


Scripts and configurations will be updated when the condition changes, like when the targeted page implements a new layout,...

Let's get started!

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